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Why Choose Car Rental During Covid-19 Pandemic


It is no secret that the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic has greatly impacted travel worldwide. Yes, traveling in the bus to many might be cheaper but is it a safer means given that covid-19 still exists? Traveling in such crowded means of transportation can easily be avoided with Car Rental Africa.

Before you consider traveling to Africa or any part of the world, it is essential to take a look at the current covid-19 information and travel advise provided by UK government, US or the measures put in place the government of the Republic of Somalia. Most governments including UK advise people try avoid public transport as much as possible and rather cycle, drive or walk. At car rental Somalia, we are doing our best to ensure that all our clients and staff are safe. There are many reasons why you should choose a rental car during covid-19 pandemic.

Possibility to change/postpone your booking for a car rental

The car renter has room to change if he or she has already booked a rental car, this is one amazing freedom most travelers enjoy with car rental services in Somalia. Firstly, there is room to go later in other words, you can postpone hiring or go somewhere else-rather choose to rent a car in another destination. Most importantly, whatever, your decision is, there is possibility to make changes for your booking through live chat, phone, online among others.

Possibility to cancel booking

In case you or your car hire is in a place where travel restrictions have been placed, car rental Somalia can do whatever it takes to ensure you get assistance. You only need to connect with our team. Those who are not directly affected by covid-19, can cancel most of their reservations at a free cost and you can do so by notifying our team within 48 hours. In case you made a deposit or reserved a rental car, there are terms and conditions to guide especially on cancellation policy but this varies from one car rental agency to another. The advantage of dealing with car rental services is that the renter can cancel at a free cost up to 48 hours prior picking up the vehicle. Meaning, you can reserve it now, then change/postpone or even cancel.

Full protection insurance

There is possibility for the renter to cancel his or her rental automatically which also cancels his or her full protection insurance. This means, the renter stands a chance to get your refund of your paid insurance premium. In case you cancel prior your rental is due to commence, it attracts full refund of your premium. Where you cancel after your rental is due to commence, a partial refund can be made.

Is it safe to hire a car during covid-19 pandemic?

Yes, it is very safe to rent a car during covid-19 pandemic in Somalia, Nigeria, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Ethiopia and many other destinations. Most of these states have eased the lockdown restrictions and measures have been put in place to ensure customers are safe when using car hire services. At car rental Somalia, we do provide specialist sanitation on each of our cars, wipes, antibacterial gel among other essential items needed to ensure our customers are safe.


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