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Rather do a self drive safari & discover Africa’s wildlife on your own? Here is all you need to know to plan a self drive safari in Africa. A Self-Drive Safari- Get More Freedom & A Great But Cheap African Safari

The countries that we can recommend for self -drive safaris would be South Africa and Namibia in Southern Africa as well as Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania in Eastern Africa. This ensures a great but cheap African safari. Here are the pros and cons.


  • You have the freedom to decide how long you want to stay in a park
  • You avoid the cost of hiring a guide
  • If there are more than two of you it’s a real savings to rent a car


  • You may not know the best roads to take for wildlife viewing
  • You are limited in your choice of safaris to countries with reasonable roads. That means you can do parts of Botswana but you’ll need a 4×4. You can look at renting one in South Africa that allows you to go across borders.
  • Without a guide you may not know what animals you are looking at.

 Self Drive Safaris in Southern Africa

South Africa and Namibia are the only African countries with excellent road networks. Thus they are the only countries that we have done self drive safaris in. Botswana is an option, though the driving distances are very far, and the road system is not as good. Thus a 4×4 might be a wise choice.

In South Africa & Namibia we can get you a free cell phone for you to use on your affordable African safari tours.

Self Drive Safaris in Eastern Africa

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