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Trekking in the Rwenzori Mountains of Uganda

Rwenzori Mountain Trekking

Come to the land of Africa and enjoy the tours to this part of the world. Experience the pleasures of trekking in Uganda which is a greatly adventurous destination and is an ideal locale for the best kinds of thrill and excitement.

Visit the Rwenzori Mountain and experience the mountaineering safaris in this part of eastern Africa in Uganda. This is a place that any adventure enthusiast is sure to love and would go back with a great travel kitty.

The Central Circuit Trail is one such trail that is a major feature of travels to this part of Uganda. This is made up of a hike that lasts for around seven days and six nights and another two days. The two days are for the drive from Kampala Kasese and back. This is not a very difficult trail and the excitement and thrill involved is something beyond belief.

The first day on a Rwenzori Mountain trail starts with a departure for western Uganda. The comfortable ride has a halt at the Mpambire drum makers, the Equator and the coffee plantation. Then there is a tour around the Lake Mburo at an extra charge and then you would proceed to Mbarara for lunch.

The next destination is the Queen Elizabeth National Park and the sight of the western rift valley at the foot of the Rwenzori Mountains is something awe inspiring. Then you would reach Kasese and check in at the hotels here.
The second day would see you drive from the hotel to the park at Nyaklengija which is also the headquarters. The hike begins as you leave the park headquarters and you would like to walk past the watt and mud daub. There are Bakonjo homes and elephant grasses and you would surely love the trail that follows the Mbuku River and finally you would reach the River Makoma after a couple of hours and more.

As you cross the river you would like the steep climb that takes you through the podocarpus forests here till you reach the arrival point for the day. this would take up around five to six hours. The vegetation here is very typically like those found in the African mountains. From here you could enjoy the hiking experience and enjoy the halts here.

You can leave John Matte the next day and cross the River Bujuku. From here you would enter the two Bigo Bogs where you would have your first experience of the trail. The grassy bog and the muddy trails make up the experiences here. This is a very favorable spot for the hikers as they climb up the Mt Speke with the help of special equipment. Hikers then go towards the Bujuku Hut and the entire hike takes up around five hours.

The following day you could go to the west of Bujuku. Here you would have newer and more challenging trails. These climb up steeply through the Groundsel gully and the sight of the moss coverings here is something to remember. The Scott Elliot Pass is the highest pint of the loop trails here and the hikers normally go towards the Elena Hut which is the main camp to climb the Margherita Peak. Here you would need special hiking gear so make sure that you have the required things to enjoy this hike and trail more.

The next day you would go down and reach the Kitandara lakes. The sheer sight of the massive rock walls at the foot of Mt. Baker is a major feature here. The dramatic craters give a jaw dropping experience and the large rocks that fall from above are another major sight. The Kitandara Lake has bad mud and hikers like to have dinner at the Kitandara Hut.

The trail continues into a fresh field and here hikes like to stay in the huts surrounded by beautiful mountains. Then you have to continue the trek to the Rwenzori Base Camp and thus bring a fantastic trail to a great end.

Thus Rwenzori Mountain Trekking is a great way of spending time in Uganda and any tour to Africa should be complete with such exciting experiences.

Visit Uganda and enjoy the pleasures of a great mountain trail here in the Rwenzori Mountains.


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