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Exciting Tales from Uganda Gorilla Safaris

Ugandan Gorilla

Uganda is surely one of the top attractions in the eastern part of Africa. A safari in Uganda is a very enchanting way of enjoying travels here in this part of the world. This is one of the countries in African which is filled with the best sights of wildlife and also the greatest scenes of gorillas.

Filled with the best natural delights and interesting wildlife this is one region which is a perfect treat for the wildlife lover. Filled with the most fascinating wildlife sights, this is a captivating destination and completes your travels in East Africa. It is in fact the only destination in the world that has the maximum amount of gorilla population. It is a unique destination that is really worth all the attractions and has a great plethora of flora and fauna.

The climate here is very friendly and is very tourist oriented all through the year. There are various ways one can enjoy the safaris in Uganda. There are various kinds of safaris like the birding safaris, the bird safaris, the trekking safaris and the game viewing tours. You can choose the kind you want and include a great safari trip as part of your visits here.

The Uganda Gorilla Safaris are a great part of safari tours in this part of Africa so embark on this 3 days 2 nights gorilla safari in the region of Bwindi. It is an impenetrable region and gives you the pleasures of a great safari experience. There are many other such tours and as you go along the Kazinga channel and other guided nature walks you would surely not come back disappointed.

The Uganda Wildlife safari takes you on a 3 day game viewing trip which helps you to see the beautiful chimpanzees here. walk along the Kyambura gorge and enjoy the lovely nature guided walks here.

Then of course you have the Uganda Chimpanzee Tracking Tour which is 3 day 2 night chimpanzee adventure filled with the best sights of chimpanzees. This is in the Kibale Forest national park and has the greatest variety of primates in this part of the Eastern part of Africa. The park is huge and spans over a great area. With the best sights of rainforest pleasures this gives great opportunities to all to enjoy the primates as well as the birds.

Then there is he Murchison Falls Safari which introduces you to the Murchison Falls which in national park which is incidentally the largest national park in Uganda. This is s trip that gives you a great pleasure of birding, game viewing and also a trip on the River Nile and also the greatest experiences of chimpanzee tracking.

So as you go to the lovely region of Uganda, the safari trek here provides you a lot of exciting thrills in this part of the world. the Uganda gorilla Safari Trek and enjoy the tours here.

On the first day you may go to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park trek here in Uganda. You would leave by early morning for the Impenetrable forest in Bwindi. The drive is very long and is a really enjoyable with a halt at Equator for having lunch.

Then you can visit the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest which is the place where you get to see the mountain gorillas which are endangered animals.

Bwindi forest gives you a great sight of the beautiful landscape and it is extremely dense and is traversed by many animal trails that gives you access to all the tourists here. There is an arrangement to stay overnight here at the lodges.

The next day you can have breakfast here in the forest and and go on the gorilla trek. You can spend an hour with the gorillas and see their activities. This is an experience that leaves you totally in love with the exciting and humbling adventures that you encounter here. In the evening you would come back to the camp and relax for the night.

On the third day you may visit Kampala, and after an early breakfast and see the lovely places of interest lying along the highway. After seeing the innumerable gorillas here you would go back with a great travel memory and wish to come back to this part of Africa for a great gorilla safari experience.


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