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Self Drive Safaris in Uganda & Tanzania


Tanzania being the largest country among all the five east African country has made her one of the great tourism attraction centre for both local and the foreign tourists. This inspired us as a team to come to East Africa via Uganda to enjoy some of the features. On this matter, we consulted Jackson one of the great experienced Uganda based Africa tour consultant, he provided us with ideas on how we could enjoy our self drive tour on our own.

Presented to us a number of cars which we saw on the 4×4 Car Hire Uganda website and among these, we decided to take up a Toyota land cruiser that could fit eight people as we were. Since we knew nothing about Africa, we decided to make arrangements with Moses who booked for us most of the hotels we were to sleep in while on our tour in Tanzania. Due to the fact that we couldn’t miss touring Uganda, before we traveled to Tanzania we first toured the source of the Nile at Jinja.

Our first day in Uganda, we decided to pay a visit to the source of the Nile and at around midday, we went for white water rafting  for a half day at only $120 per person with Raft Uganda. At only that amount, we were given lunch and drinks plus all the rafting kits and in the evening, we traveled back to Kampala at Hotel Africana. In the morning, we drove to the west via Masaka – Mbarara road and we staged at Lake Mburo national park for a boat cruise we did in the evening on the lake. This gave us a stunning view of birds.

We slept at Arcadia Cottages on half board and the next day we traveled to Tanzania for our crucial destinations; here we passed via Mutukula Boarder. We went to Lake Manyara National park in the northern end of Tanzania. Since we reached very late, we slept at Manyara Wildlife Safari Lodge from where we had our supper and the break first for the next day.

The next day early In the morning we went to the park offices for briefing but as we were passing through the park roads, we came across a troop of baboons, blue monkey high in the ancient mahogany tree and bush bucks. While in the park, we got a vast chance of seeing the jagged blue volcanoes along the steeps of the Maasai ends, large herds of buffaloes, wildebeest, zebras and giraffe that congregated around the grassy plains within the park. On that very day we got a chance of watching over 100 bird species among are the pelicans and storks.

In the evening, we went back to Manyara Wildlife Safari Lodge for an overnight, in the early morning we left the park and we went to Mahare national park in the West of Tanzania, south of Kigoma town on the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika. The reason as to why we went to this park was/is that Mahale national park has the most number of chimpanzees in Tanzania some of which are habituated. We tracked chimpanzees from here, and in the evening, we went Kungwe Beach Lodge where we staged for accommodation. The next day, we went for Mt.Nkungwe climbing and to reach the summit, it took us 3days.

We spent our nights in the established camping areas and here we had carried our food that was lifted by the porter which gave us an experiential view of the fishing light formed as a result of the small fishing fishermen using kerosene lamps over Lake Tanganyika at night.

On reaching the summit, we enjoyed the coldness up on the summit and the clear view of the sharp escarpments in which Lake Tanganyika is found in the western rift valley. The next day we descended the mountain and we went back to Nkungwe Beach Lodge for a rest. Other tourist destinations in western Tanzania that can complement a visit to Mahale Mountains National Park include Gombe Stream and Katavi National Parks, lying north and south of Mahale and the historical site of the ujiji.

Some of the prominent national parks we did not visit included, Arusha, Serengeti, mountain Kilimanjaro, Rubundo and Gombe national parks just to mention but a few. The next day since our period had elapsed; we drove back to Uganda but this which took us almost two days on the way. We handed over the car to the company and in the evening we went back to our home land through Entebbe airport.


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