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In The Rising Side Of Okavango Delta

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Moremi Wildlife Reserve named after Chief Moremi of the Batawana tribe and gave the name as Moremi Wildlife Reserve in the year 1963. It covers the east side of Okavango Delta and 1000 square kilometers of grassy flood plains. It was created as national park initially it was a Game Reserve. BaSarwa and Bushmen were the two tribes allowed to stay there in the reserve. It is combined of permanent water and dry areas which makes this island reserve more eyes catching. It is covered with mopane woodland, acacia forests, floodplains and lagoons. Only 30% of the Okavango Delta is covered with Reserve. Chiefs Island and Moremi Tongue are the geographical features of the Reserve. The reserve consists of network of waterways surrounding two large land masses.

Experience the Savannah Game view site and bird watching on the lagoons and it also includes winding waterways with banks of reeds, palm-covered islands, thick forests and lush, and lily covered lagoons. Chobe National Park is located in the northeast boders of Moremi Game Reserve. This thickly wooded Moremi Wildlife Reserve is the home of rare Leopards, zebras, buffalo’s, giraffes and about 500 species of exotic birds. Lycaon Pictus (African Wild dog) is the resident of this reserve since 1989. It is one of the permanent habitat areas of Lycaon Pictus. The diverse vegetation is a part of wide spectrum of wild life. You can experience large herds of animals in the dry seasons for food and water. Watch the rare species of sitatunga and lechwe anetelope in the papyrus banks of the waterways.

There is warm welcome created by nature those who are coming to the Reserve from North, a long bridge constructed from mopane poles forms a picturesque entrance. This bridge shakes when vehicles pass on it and it is one of the most photographed structures in the northern areas of Botswana as a part of Moremi Game Reserve. There many smaller bridges which can be seen in the area and requires a gang of people to maintain its work for repairing.

Going through the south gate of Moremi there is different choice of roads which is a direct route of thirty kilometers going towards to north gate of Khwai near the headquarters of the reserve are located. A large place for camping is also available near Khwai which is situated in a well shaded area over looking the river.

There are 11 accommodation units of Camp Moremi within the Moremi Game Reserve. Camp Moremi is the best option to enjoy and experience the Moremi Game Reserve. They are East African style tents placed on teak platform with every facility. You can also spend time on private viewing deck which is over looked the lagoon.

Ideal Time to Visit

You can enjoy the reserve throughout the year but dry winter months from March to September are an ideal time to visit. Game viewing is more in demand in the months from July to October. Visits in 4×4 boats from the luxury lodges are the best idea to experience beautiful Moremi Wildlife Reserve. You can also reach there by air route or road route from Maun (Botswana’s tourism capital) to Moremi. A road drive is advisable from Maun to Moremi to experience the sandy routes which helps you to see Moremi Reserve more deeply. The reserve has three serviced campsites which are unfenced and offer a real wilderness experience.

Protect yourself from malarial mosquitoes and take proper precaution before, during and after visiting the reserve, especial care should taken in rainy season with the use of anti-malarial prophylactic.

There are 4 areas set for camping and there are very few lodges to stay in the reserve. There are many lodges on the outskirts of the reserve where you can enjoy daily game drives however lodges have their own airstrips for the tourists to travel between the lodges and Reserves. Mobile safaris are also available if you are traveling in small groups with the help of guide or hire private bush camps which are provided by safari operators.

Reach by Air Route

Maun Airport and Gaborone Sir Seretse Khama International Airport are the best options

Reach by Rail Route:

Francistown Station is advisable

Reach by Road Route

Hiring a Car from Main road to Maun, there are various routes to enter in the park from Maqwee via Showbe. A 4×4 vehicle is compulsory to enter the reserve.

Go ahead and Plan your new holiday to Moremi Wildlife Reserve. And make sure you do not miss any adventurous rides and camping to enjoy the beautiful natural bliss of Moremi Wildlife Reserve.


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