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Tipping Safari Guides: Important Tips to Know

Tipping a Safari guide

Want to know what to tip for your African safari guide services? You’ve come to the right place!

Find peace of mind & answers to your questions what to tip for guides on your African safari & African tours. Expert advice & exclusive deals on African safaris & travel.

Our objective is to help you travel and tip comfortably. We live in Africa and have been on over 80 African safari vacations.

We give you first hand advice on what is expected and what to do.

Here are the guidelines that we’ve found are generally accepted for African safaris and African travel.

I hope they help you!

The general policy for most African travel & safaris are as follows. Add 10%-20% to your restaurant bill, 10% taxi. Porters get around US$5-10 per bag. You can adjust upward or downward depending on your desires.

There are no self service garages in Southern Africa; when filling up with fuel, tip the person around 35 US cents to 85 US cents.

You can also tip the person cleaning up your hotel room $1 to $2 USD per day.

With regard to safari guide services, you tip the game ranger from $15 to $30 (USD) per day per person.

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