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Driving in Central African Republic

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Driving in Central African Republic is never the same like it is in UK or back in your home country. The traffic rules and regulations in Central African Republic may differ significantly and before starting your rental car, it is important that you understand some of them if you are to have enjoyable trip.

If you are not sure how driving in Central African Republic is done, then this article offers all the essential information you need. Driving in this African state during the wet/rainy season can be challenging given the poor state of the roads. But this shouldn’t be something to worry you much because we have the best 4×4 car rentals in CAR (ranging from Land Cruiser Lx, Mini Vans Trucks to Land Cruiser GX) for you to navigate through the countryside no matter the state of the roads.

  • To drive in Central African Republic, a valid international driving permit is a must-have.
  • Driving when drank isn’t an acceptable behavior.
  • The eligible person to drive in Central African Republic should be 18 years and above.
  • The speed limit when driving in Central African Republic especially in towns is 40kms/hr.
  • Driving while on phone isn’t allowed, it is advisable to park on the roadside and receive the call.
  • While there are no distracted driving laws in Central African Republic, police are available and it is possible that they can pullover the drivers to talk to.

Safety and security in Central African Republic

Your safety when driving in Central African Republic is essential. Wondering if Central African Republic is safe? Have you ever asked yourself if it is possible to rent a car in Central African Republic? Before taking actual trip to Central African Republic for a holiday, first, read more about its safety. There are many ways in which you can find relevant information/current affairs/updates/newsfeeds about the current state of this African state. You can check through our website; UK Government Central African Republic travel advice guidance or US State Department travel advisory on Central African Republic.

Not every part of Central African Republic is safe to drive to. Armed attacks on motorists have been recorded in some parts of the country especially Western, Eastern and Northern region. Therefore, any driving outside the capital city of Central African Republic should be done during broad day light. The commonly explored parts of Congo are reachable by a 4×4 car rental car.


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