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Safari Reviews – A Wild Safari in Uganda

Lion Safari in Uganda

Early this year I traveled around Uganda on an East African Expedition, my first place to visit from Kampala to north western Uganda it was the famous Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary where I got my long life unforgettable experience on a Uganda safari. At this site you can enjoy the two loved tourism products none other than the once extinct Rhinos and the loveliest stork shoe bill which I enjoyed while on the dugout canoe. The tracking the Rhino is another amazing experience.

The accommodation is the usual backpackers stuff – very basic room but clean and tidy. The food is good and reasonably priced and the drinks are very cheap and cold. Just before it got dark a rhino came right up to the restaurant area. We were told to keep the noise down and not use flash photography and we just sat and watched this huge animal wander around grazing.

Ziwa does great things and it’s nice to know that the profits from food and accommodation are going towards the breeding programme and the eventual release into the wild of the rhinos.

After being filled with experience, on the following day with my knowledgeable guide we drove to Murchison falls national park and it was short drive as we entered into the park I was much excited to take the boat cruise but my guide being creative advised me we first visit the top of the falls and to be sincere when I visited the top of the falls I came to understand Uganda is the pearl of Africa.

From the amazing top of the falls we had our typical African cuisine at our budget red chill rest camp, the waitress and waiters are so much friendly. Then after our lunch I took again the most stunning boat cruise along the River Nile, this boat moves towards the falls and the experience is unforgettable! Over this boat I was able to spot variety of wildlife and birds relaxing along the banks of the River! It is an advice to my fellow travelers once planning a trip to Uganda, Active African Vacations is number one travel agency as far as quality services is concerned!! The staffs are hospitable, friendly and they looked after me and I will be back next year with friends.


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