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Finding the Best Deals on One Way Car Rental in Rwanda


Finding the best one-rental way rental deals in Rwanda isn’t easy! However, here are some important tips and tricks to guide you appropriately if you are to find the best rental car for your one-way travel in Rwanda this coming holiday.

Shop around for your one-way rental car.

When renting a car in Rwanda, this is incredibly the first alternative you can take when searching for the best rental deal for your one-way travel in Rwanda. It helps you make comparison among many one-way rental options, the rates and others. There is a higher chance for you to land into lower rate per kms while other rental companies provide special offers or reduced rates for drop-off rental car. Research on many rental companies to help you find the best deals.

Utilize your rental coupons and discount codes

These are the best ways you can save a lot for your one-way rental in Rwanda. Each hire company can provide rental deals for certain period of the year. Visit the company’s website to find out the existing best deals or even make a call to inquire the company has any special offers available or coupons for immediate use.

Select your rental wisely

This is essential when planning to have the best of your Rwanda trip. Know the type of rental car you need, its size and these are some of the significant factors that determine the prices for your one-way rental. Depending on your travel needs, preferably take small and compact sized rental which won’t you much on gas/fuel like the bigger rental series. By saving on fuel/gas rates, you can be in position to meet the drop-off surcharges.

Avoid extra charges/surcharges

Another best alternative to save some cash when finding for the best rental deal is to try as much as you can to avoid surcharges that come due to drop off at another location. This may seem challenging especially for international travelers but there is possibility. Drop off charges vary based on the kind of rental and other hire deals.


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