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Don’t miss out helpful tips , discounts and specialized tour operators  that can offer you right tour holidays in right times and places by not getting a copy of a guide book to your travel destination of interest. It’s not wasting money to buy a guide book though you have booked a private trip but it’s getting to know what you really going to see and experience. To enjoy an Africa holiday and discover the best places, you need to read some of the most famous guide books and get updates if experienced travelers and writers.

Africa as a continent has several countries unique and beautiful but all can be well discovered using guide books and travel reading materials-magazines and journals and travel articles.

When planning a trip to Africa either private tailor made or backpacking, make sure you own a copy of one of the most read guide books. Here are books and journals that can be used to plan a perfect African Safari.

My First Safari

A good read for first time travelers to Africa.

The journal of a Traveler through Africa

Trip to Morroco

Lonely Planet

There is no perfect guide book like the lonely planet that covers all impressive planet wildlife, wild lands, and rich traditions and perhaps prepares you for any trip overseas. Lonely planet takes direct to your places of interest and imaginations make you fall in love with lots of attractions and adventures in the continent. The book has updated information for all attractions and destinations and even unveils the less explored places that are worth visiting. Inside lonely plant are wonderful images of great and attractive travel destinations, Maps, sample itineraries that guide you on what to do in particular places of interest, trip essentials, honesty reviews, shopping malls and places, accommodations and hotels, prices of certain trip essentials to mention but a few. The book covers countries like Uganda, Egypt, South Africa, Rwanda, Kenya, Botswana, Mozambique, Ghana, Nigeria, Madagascar, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Morocco, Democratic Republic of Congo etc.

Bradit Guides

Bradit covers the best part of all great Africa safari destinations including Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Botswana, Cameroon, Congo, Egypt, Guinea, Ethiopia, Angola, Cape Verde, Gabon, Libya, Madagascar, Malawi, Uganda, Mauritius, Mali. Morocco, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Rwanda. Nigeria, Senegal, Seychelles, Namibia, Swaziland, Sudan, South Sudan, Zambia, Gambia. Perhaps Africa has captured the imagination of many travelers and it’s a fine place for any vacation holiday overseas. With Bradit guide book, you will be able to experience the top sights of the big five and carry home memories of the big cats on hunt, elephants relaxing with their ears flapping and the trunks raised and much more. Above all it’s the finest guide book updated with only facts of all adventures in Africa. Inside Bradit books are stunning Africa image gallery of wildlife, safaris, national parks and ancient history. The greatest safari tour reward comes with real knowledge and experience that is provided by Bradit guides.

Safari Guide by Dan Keinen

Just as its name Safari, an exotic journey that is enjoyed by whoever heads out their homes to see what the world has to offer. It’s the most sold book by New York Times, Amazon and it has it all about Africa safari tour holidays. Grabing your safari copy is like picking up your passport to your dream safari destination. Be one of the few to identify rare amazing holiday places in Africa especially breathtaking national parks, wildlife, primates-gorillas and all national Geographic specials and Animal planet. Each image is like a 3 d movie delivering the real experience. Inside safari guide book is the magical safari experience pf Masai Mara wildlife and wildebeest migration and its thrill seeing nice photo captions hence getting more inspired to explore top safari destinations in Africa.

Dk Eyewitness Travel Guides

These are the most read travel books for middle East for those planning to visit places like South Africa, Morocco, Dubai  Abudabi, Cape town. Canary islands, Egypt, Kenya and much more. Inside Dk eyewitness travel guides are packed information of travel and inspirations that make your holiday turn out to be just as imagined. The experienced writers have various travel guide books but that of Egypt to the pyramids and Kenya wildlife safaris is really unforgettable. Can’t fail to talk about the one for Dubai and Table mountains in South Africa.

However, I would recommend all travelers to check other online travel review platforms like trip advisor, safari booking  , travel magazines  and any other written travel document that contain information about any place of your travel interest.