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Explore Akagera National Park

Rhinos in Akagera National Park

Located in the eastern part of Rwanda, Akagera National Park is an amazing place to enjoy sightseeing in Rwanda. The park lies near the border with Tanzania and can be visited anytime if the year.

It was gazetted in 1934 covering an area of 1122 km sq. and was named after the river Akagera that flows through this park pouring its waters in the Lake Victoria. The park is a home to unique wildlife and bird species including the rare shoe bill stork a bird sought after by many birders. The major mammals in the park include zebras, elephants, Topi, bush back, water back, duiker, impala, Oribi, bohor reedbuck and primates like olive baboons, L’Hoest and blue monkeys. Recently lions were reintroduced in the park and they were got from South Africa.

Getting There

To get to the park, it only takes about 2-3 hours from the Kigali and it only has one park entrance at Kiyonza south of the park and the only exit is at Nyungwe gate north of the park

Where to Stay

There are very few accommodation facilities in this national park only two lodges and camp sites. Those interested in luxurious facilities use Akagera Game Lodge or Ruzizi tented lodge therefore tourists should make their bookings early enough. For those looking tp deluxe, Akagera Game lodge offers a deluxe wing while for those on a shoestring budget Akagera Guest House is the available option.

Things to Do in the Park

Birding, Game drives, boat cruises on Lake Ihema, sport fishing, community walks are the major activities one can engage in while at the national park.

Excursions and Tours

There are organised safaris to the park offered by several tour operators in Rwanda. The shortest trip is the 2 Day Wildlife Safari though an excursion is also possible. There are also guides and cars hire services are available for tourists interested in self driven wildlife expeditions in the park however booking for them in advance is highly recommended.


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